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How to take care of Silver Nib and Ebonite parts

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 2. 15.

◆How to use the silver cleaning fluid◆

Shake the bottle well. Dip the silver nib all the way.

 (It is totally okay if ebonite/urushi is exposed to the fluid, just flush well with water afterward)

Stir the nib while in the fluid (do not rub the nib against the inner part of the bottle).

remove the nib and check if the tarnishing is removed.

 If not removed completely, repeat the process.

After satisfactory removal, rinse the nib and flush the pen using the ink converter several times to completely remove the fleaning fluid.


if you don't have the silver cleaning fluid, it can be purchased online for cheap price.

i recommend the cleaning fluid over the cleaning cloth.


◆How to use the anti-tarnish silver cleaning cloth◆

Make sure all dirt is removed before polishing (dirt rubbing on silver will cause scratches).

Gently rub the cloth against the silver nib.

Do not use too much force, as this can cause scratches!

Argentium 935 is 93.5% silver, so it is much softer metal then 14K gold, which is 58.5% gold.


◆Ebonite maintenance◆

Do not expose the ebonite to direct sunlight for prolonged time.

This can cause surface to become cloudy, which will require polishing.

Also prolonged exposure to artificial lighting also cause the same effect.

Although it will take much longer time, It will happen eventually.


If you want to repolish, rub the ebonite with #3000 compound + 100% clean cotton.

Make sure cotton is free of dirt, otherwise scratches will occur.


You may use small amount of baby oil on ebonite to bring out shine.

Also put small amount of baby oil to threads if you want to.


To keep shine and protect the surface a bit, use (automotive) carnauba wax.

apply the wax with your fingers, wait 10 minutes, gently wipe with clean cotton cloth.


If you want to get rid of the scratch/cloudy surface, this will be much more difficult.

you will have to remove quite a bit of material using progressively finer sand papers,

followed by progressively finer buffing.

this will take a long time and much patience, so i don't recommend doing so.




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