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★ About Me & Contact Info.

About me & my Contact Info.

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2019. 10. 4.

Dear Visitors,


Greetings, visitors of my homepage.

You are warmly welcomed here.

I am known as "The Fountainpen Researcher" in South Korea.


I started using Fountainpens in middle school, merely by chance.

I started grinding nibs in college years.

during military service, i designed fountainpens, and machines required to make them.

after military service, i started making machines required for fountainpen making.


2~3 years have passed, and I have created 90% of the vital machines on my own.

now i make :

ebonite barrel & cap & grip, sophisticated ebonite feed, and argentium & 14K~18K gold nibs


The adventure is still going.

Next is realization of V4.0 Urushi technique.

The Urushi coating will be not only affordable, but also absolutely perfect.

afterwards, I will start mastering Na-Jeon, Maki-e, inlaying, etc. urushi related techniques.


I am currently working on "large capacity reusable cartridge"

All the while, working on the manufacturing process for my own "!" shaped clip (Eureka!).


when all the above is complete, I will move onto even more advanced techniques for embellishing the pen.


My passion for fountainpens has not haltered a bit since the beginning.

I work alone, and all the parts in my pen (except the ink converter) are made by me.

All the designs and manufacturing of my pen making machines and my fountainpens were done alone.

It was a lonely battle, all along.


My passion for fountainpen making will not stop.


yours sincerely,

- The Fountainpen Researcher, founder of Eureka Fountainpen Shop.



You can contact me for additional information about my products.

Also, you can purchase the products by directly contacting me.

feel free to leave comments in my posts.


Website: http://Eurekafp.com

Email: beatmaster90@naver.com

Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka

Youtube (Eureka FP): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK1fQiv69JL_DxNL2hJuc_A?view_as=subscriber

Youtube (mechgyver): http://youtube.com/c/MechGyver

Youtube (bolt and nut): https://youtube.com/channel/UCBPvDr4VOufX_PiZVLIG3wg

Youtube (impromptu archive): https://youtube.com/channel/UCe2tYZoELEN1Fla5HroHE0g/

FPN: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/

Korean Blog: http://blog.naver.com/beatmaster90


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