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2nd Generation Tamenuri Urushi technique developed

by Admin_ Eureka_Admin 2021. 6. 22.

2nd Generation Tamenuri Urushi technique has been developed.

following has been upgraded:


(compared to 1st gen tamenuri urushi technique)

- improved urushi management

- improved urushi storage

- improved urushi strength & thickness

- Contaminant & dust particles reduced during the urushi process itself

- improved urushi application speed & efficiency

- more efficient sanding process 

- urushi wrinkling eliminated

- equalized urushi distribution 

- more efficient grip section urushi process

- improved final polishing process


as a result of the above, urushi perfection has been finally achieved



*please do note, the parts in the photos have not been final polished.

even without polishing the quality is already superb.

*please do note, below is not tamenuri

however, the final layer is the same as tamenuri, to demonstrate perfection of the urushi final layer