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silver-urushi inlay technique research ,silver powder fabrication complete!

by Admin_ Eureka_Admin 2021. 9. 4.

currently, i am working on my special urushi technique:

silver-urushi inlay technique.

this technique different from chinkin technique.

major difference is the surface finish.

the silver-urushi inlay technique(SUIT) can achieve perfect surface smoothness, without grooves,

whereas the chinkin technique surface finish isn't smooth, with grooves that can be felt.


to achieve my techinique, i started fabricating silver powder.

through research, i am able to produce 50g of silver powder per day, which is plenty enough for my purpose.

the silver powder particle size is thought to be < 2 microns, which will ensure perfect mixture with urushi.


next, i researched on effective image transferring method, and still under development.


as for grooving the surface, currently i am able to make various sizes of circle/oval grooves.

currently working on precision straight lines and triagular grooves, and more.


below is just a little practice with hand drawn background image as template.

it's elementary at best now,

however, with research, i will be able to precision groove animals, plants, insects, etc.

in these grooves, silver urushi will be filled in, and after polished to a flush surface finish without any grooves.


much more is to come with limitless possibilities, stay tuned!