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(TIPs) How to polish your urushi penrest

by Eureka_Admin

when you purchase a eureka fountain pen, a free urushi wooden penrest is included as a gift.

for quick processing and cost reduction, these pen rests are not polished.

small bumps (dust, impurities etc.) can be seen on the surface.

polishing these out takes time and human labor, which will drive up the cost.


however, you can polish these out yourself (if you want to)

please wear latex gloves when performing the polishing procedure

the result of the procedure is at your own risk!

i do not take responsibility for the result / consequences.


*dried urushi powder can cause urushi allergy, although much weaker than liquid form urushi. sanding urushi will release dried urushi powder, so latex gloves and mask is a must. always wet sand the urushi to avoid airborn urushi particles.


urushi allergy can last 1~2 months. You can develop immunity to urushi allergy, but it will take 6 months ~ year for general immunity to form. for near-perfect immunity it will take years of exposure.


make sure to clean all the tools and pen rest with water tissue / clean flowing water after you are done with polishing, 




supplies needed:

small water container + water

sand paper(#3000)

polishing compound(#2000)

carnauba wax (optional)

clean cotton cloth (use clean cloth only, remove dust and impurities before use, otherwise scratches can occur)


Polishing procedures steps:

1) wear latex gloves. freshly ground urushi particles can cause urushi skin allergy reaction, although much weaker than raw urushi.


2) wet sand paper with water (frequently). use the sand paper to grind away the surface bumps. use circular motion.

*Do not apply too much force. Start with very light pressure, then gradually increase to proper pressure (you will get the right feel after practicing)

*Avoid sanding the edges. the edges are the weakest point. urushi layer can be completely ground away at the edges, much more easily than flat areas. if you are confident enough with perfect sanding pressure, it definitely can be done.

*Don't remove urushi material too much.


3) after the majority of bumps are removed, use polishing compound + cotton cloth to start polishing.

make sure to use very clean cloth only! Impurities such as sand particles will cause visible cratches.

wrap the cotton cloth around your index & middle finger somewhat tightly. make sure polishing compound is apllied to the polishing area.

*Avoid over polishing the edges. the edges are the weakest point. urushi layer can be completely ground away at the edges, more easily than flat areas.

*Don't remove urushi material too much.


4) as a final touch, carnauba wax can be regulary apllied.

apply adequate amount or carnauba wax on the surface of urushi with your finger.

let it dry for 10~20min. wipe it clean with a clean cotton cloth.

make sure to use very clean cloth only! Impurities such as sand particles will cause visible cratches.



If you succeed polishing, you will have a very valuable urushi wooden penrest.

Considering all the efforts put into the penrest, it will be more valuable than what it was




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