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(TIP) Never rub urushi against urushi / (TIP) Penrest related 1) rubbing urushi part against urushi will cause scratches. never forcefully rub urushi against urushi in worst case top urushi layer could get destroyed 2) when using wooden urushi penrest, never rub pen against the urushi penrest. only gently & lightly put the pen on the penrest. use the wooden urushi penrest mainly for display purpose 3) for heavy / frequent use, use the 3 slotted penrest the..
(Tips) Never close the cap tightly only a light closing pressure is needed to achieve perfect seal. never close the cap tightly if you close the cap tightly, more damage can occur when the pen is dropped. tight closing of the cap will put excessive outward pressure around the thread area. drop shock + tight cap pressure will increase the chance of cracking. even if the eureka cap thickness (thread area) is quite thick, excessive ..
How to polish your urushi penrest when you purchase a eureka fountain pen, a free urushi wooden penrest is included as a gift. for quick processing and cost reduction, these pen rests are not polished. small bumps (dust, impurities etc.) can be seen on the surface. polishing these out takes time and human labor, which will drive up the cost. however, you can polish these out yourself (if you want to) please wear latex gloves whe..
How to remove / install the nib removing and installing the nib is at your own risk! I am not responsible for the consequences of your mistakes please be careful ★removing the nib. 1. grip the nib with thumb and index finger(nib surface facing the ceiling) wiggle the nib left and right, at the same time pull on the nib. keep repeating until be is pulled out. then remove the feed. 2. if the nib cannot be removed with above meth..
Tips for installing / removing ink converter when new, installing converter feels quite tight. this is to ensure leakproof seal, for years and years. when worn down a bit, this will become much easier. When installing/removing ink converter on grip section, a bit of twist will make the process easier. slight wiggling achieves the same effect. you can install/remove in straight motion without twist/wiggling, but it will require more force (..
How to take care of the Urushi products ◆ urushi maintenance ◆ Although Urushi doesn't need maintenance due to its superb durability, following maintenance will make a difference in the long run. ◆ It takes 6 months to reach near full hardeness, so avoid dropping, sudden shocks, etc. ◆ Do not expose the urushi to direct sunlight for prolonged period of time. This will cause the surface of urushi to deteriorate eventually. *sunlight 50..