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Reservation Stopped

due to personal reasons, fountain pen reservation will be stopped, with the exception of the list below.


please do not contact me for reservation/sale.

when products are available, they will be posted @ "on sale" section



! All Reservations will be installed with the newest nib and feeder.

also, for your loss of time, free "urushi pen rest (cross type) & 3 slotted pen rest" are included.

teflon inner cap protector will be installed.

please understand a bit of delay, i will do my best.

thank you.


processed in the following order:


1) Neil (USA) → Dodecagon, Pt-Ag nib, Tamenuri Urushi ▶final polish / assembly

2) Yang G. H. (S. Korea) → Dodecagon, Au-Ag nib, Tamenuri Urushi ▶final polish / assembly