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● Ongoing R&D

2021. 8. 23.

1. 18K eureka gold nib developing (replaces previous AuAg, 14K nibs)

   *taking a break from nib making/research (for personal health reasons)

2. new asymmetry design for urushi (thinner than the previous version, shares parts with symmetry)

3. various end designs (cone top, flat top, etc.)

4. gold powder fabrication

5. researching eureka chinkin v3.0 (absolute sharp lines, super precision, various shapes/grooves possible, flat style chinkin)



previous research list:

●designing and making precision machines for ebonite barrel, cap, grip

●designing and making precision machines for ebonite feed

●designing and making nib welder

●designing and making nib slitter

●designing and making nib press&mould

●designing and making nib/urushi grinder&polisher

●researching nib fabrication process

●researching overall urushi process

●setting up optimized urushi environment and equipments

●3 slotted penrest research (ebonite pieces, rose, rosemary, etc fillings)

●wooden penrest research

●wooden penrest efficient urushi research

●asymmetry, symmetry designing

●Argentium nib research

●14K nib research

●AUAG material research

●149 sized AUAG nib research

●ebonite feed 1st Gen.

●ebonite feed 2nd Gen.

●ebonite feed 3rd Gen.

●ebonite feed 4th Gen.

●super urushi research

●urushi technique that incorporates gold/silver powder (not fake gold/silver)

●makie research, practice

●chaos urushi v1 research

●chaos urushi v2 research

●chaos urushi v3 research

●silver urushi inlay research

●silver powder fabrication research

●pure gold flake tamenuri v1 research

●pure gold flake tamenuri v2 research

●product photo enhancement: dust elimination, fingerprint elimination, lighting improvement

●researching eureka chinkin v1.0

●researching eureka chinkin v2.0 (sharper lines, increased detail, increased precision)