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● Ongoing R&D

2021. 8. 23.

1. 18K eureka gold nib developing (replaces previous AuAg, 14K nibs)

2. silver & gold powder fabrication 

3. new end designs; 8 kinds

   -eclipse type: sausage, cone, flat, flat arc

   -rod type: sausage, cone, flat, flat arc

4. eureka hybrid model (hybrid of symmetry and asymmetry ; replaces asymmetry)

5. eureka nacre(mother-of-pearl)-urushi technique



previous research list:

●designing and making precision machines for ebonite barrel, cap, grip

●designing and making precision machines for ebonite feed

●designing and making nib welder

●designing and making nib slitter

●designing and making nib press&mould

●designing and making nib/urushi grinder&polisher

●researching nib fabrication process

●researching overall urushi process

●setting up optimized urushi environment and equipments

●3 slotted penrest research (ebonite pieces, rose, rosemary, etc fillings)

●wooden penrest research

●wooden penrest efficient urushi research

●asymmetry, symmetry designing

●Argentium nib research

●14K nib research

●AUAG material research

●149 sized AUAG nib research

●ebonite feed 1st Gen.

●ebonite feed 2nd Gen.

●ebonite feed 3rd Gen.

●ebonite feed 4th Gen.

●super urushi research

●urushi technique that incorporates gold/silver powder (not fake gold/silver)

●makie research, practice

●chaos urushi v1 research

●chaos urushi v2 research

●chaos urushi v3 research

●silver urushi inlay research

●silver powder fabrication research

●pure gold flake tamenuri v1 research

●pure gold flake tamenuri v2 research

●product photo enhancement: dust elimination, fingerprint elimination, lighting improvement

●eureka chinkin v1.0

●eureka chinkin v2.0 

●eureka chinkin v3.0

●eureka chinkin v4.0 (replaced by eureka silver urushi inlay technique)

●eureka silver inlay