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ebonite feed 3g v6

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2019. 12. 12.

so far, there has been a total of 4 reported cases of feed problems, of all pens sold.

1st gen: 1 overflow issue (fixed)

3rd gen: 3 cases of low flow issue (when continuous heavy writing), one of these 3 cases also had feed & nib fitting issue


to tackle this problem, the ink slit has been increased from single to double.

this enables continuous stable flow, and does not overflow.


to deal with the nib & feed fitting issue, a new thermosetting method has been introduced.


also, compared to v5, the total number of internal buffer comb has been increased by 4.


also, the overall feed rigidity was increased, to further prevent from breakage upon disassembly.


i hope those two issues are completely fixed.

if it doesn't, i will find a new way to fix the problem.


eureka 3g v6 ebonite feed:


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