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istagram by: inaki.dema https://www.instagram.com/p/CBkM9WZDQch/?igshid=kratlkalrfnt Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa님: “The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I 좋아요 80개, 댓글 5개 - Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa(@inaki.dema)님: "The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I’ll…" www.instagram.com ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.. 2020. 6. 18.
New Silver Alloy Developed (AuAg) New silver alloy has been developed as an alternative to PtAg alloy. It is possible to make PtAg alloy based nib. however, through personal research it has been revealed, that the addition of platinum increases brittleness of the entire alloy. due to this nature, for every 10 nibs produced, half of them failed do to cracking, during manufacturing process. the rest lucky ones did not exhibit any .. 2020. 6. 16.
[Closed] 3 Slotted Pen Rest, On Sale! (Expoxy Ebonite Material) This is a new product from eureka fountain pen ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Product Detail: ●Name: Eureka 3 Slotted Pen Rest ●Material: Ebonite Filled High Equality Epoxy (30~40% by volume) ●This material will not scratch your typical Resin pens (this is softer material than typical pen resins) ●100% Hand Mad.. 2020. 6. 13.
Platinum Silver Alloy has been developed, for nib material Progress in nib material research! Platinum Silver alloy has been developed, as an improvement over Argentium silver. this material is superior than Argentium silver, in all aspects. theoretical advantages... 1. scratch resistance; much harder material than argentium silver 2. tarnish resistance; far beyond argentium's tarnish resistance 3. superior flexibility and memory ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: b.. 2020. 6. 10.
fudefan's Review of Dodecagon fountain pen https://www.fudefan.com/2020/06/eureka-pen/ Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri: A silver-nibbed, handmade urushi pen from South Korea Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri is a handmade ebonite pen with urushi lacquer, custom ebonite feed, and Argentium silver nib, all created by a one-man pen maker in South Korea. www.fudefan.com ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twi.. 2020. 6. 10.
[Closed] gathered + custom B&C set super mint condition platinum gathered + custom barrel and cap (24k gold tamenuri urushi) set. high quality japanese ebonite, high quality korean urushi please ask for available nib size personally checked nib split and writing test, passed. 2020. 6. 9.
[closed] gold deco urushi B&C for century and gathred this is gold deco urushi Barrel & Cap for platinum "century" and "gathered" century barrel and cap gathered barrel and cap patiently made with utmost attention and care (at least 2 months of production time) urushi grade: "S" 24K gold decoration highest quality japanese ebonite highest quality korean urushi 2020. 6. 6.
3 Slotted "French Bread" Pen Rest This is "Master Original" slots precision angle machined, for best pen rest angle. middle slot is slightly less deep than the others. ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 6. 4.
gold deco tamenuri B&C for "century and gathered " 1.gathered 2.century(standard) 3.century(mini : barrel size equivalent to original plastic barrel) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 6. 3.
Platinum Gathered installed on Gold Deco Tamenuri (GDT) barrel and cap (+prototype urushi walnut pen rest) this is the urushi walnut pen rest, after 2 coats of urushi. gold deco tamenuri will be done on this as well, as a prototype. Gold deco tamenuri is finally done for the platinum gathered! what started as a prototype actually turned out quite nicely! ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/fo.. 2020. 6. 1.
gold tamenuri on different colors! gold tamenuri on different colors! (cyan, dark red, beige) on top of this, regular urushi will be applied, so its final result will be of different color! obviously needs more gold on this, but shown as example B&C for century and gathered is almost ready! 2020. 5. 31.
Review by: dapprman https://dappr.net/2019/11/04/eureka-symmetry-and-asymmetry-pens/ Eureka Symmetry and Asymmetry Pens I was not alone in being intrigued when a new post appeared on the FPN forum from a South Korean, who while on national military service, in his spare time designed pens and the machines with which… dappr.net ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/Pe.. 2020. 5. 25.
Review by: UK Fountain Pens https://ukfountainpens.com/2019/10/27/introducing-eureka-fountain-pens-from-south-korea/ Introducing Eureka fountain pens from South Korea Eureka Pens is a one-man-band run by a guy called Dovidu from South Korea. He posted up a thread on FPN a couple of months back introducing two entirely new fountain pen designs, fabricated entirel… ukfountainpens.com ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver... 2020. 5. 25.
Review by: "Inky.Rocks" (YouTube) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 5. 25.
asymmetry black(satin), beige/black(gloss) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 5. 19.
Ebonite feed 3g v8, under production compared to 3g v7, tail part length has been increased by 3mm 150 sets production this time. ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 5. 11.
Gold(24K) decoration technique acquired Tamenuri + gold decoration brighter gold colors need urushi coating on them, haven't done yet. darker gold colors are the ones with urushi coating on top, needs a few more coating. this requires high concentration, and patience... Reduced Fragmentaion technique Fragmentaion technique ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/M.. 2020. 5. 6.
[Closed] asymmetry v8.2 Beige, 14K gold nib eureka asymmetry v8.2 beige, 14K gold nib (F) polished beige ebonite. barrel, cap, grip, feed (all made in ebonite) * letters "U", "R" of the engravings of EUREKA, is a bit less prominent than other letters (due to polishing) therefore, price reduced from original. includes: fouintain pen, ink converter (5), velvet pouch, nib polishing cloth contact: beatmaster90@naver.com size comparison vs. au.. 2020. 5. 5.
Symmetry V9.1 grip design changed from V9.0 improved scratch resistance improved ergonomics ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 5. 3.
Dodecagon Tamenuri 14K ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 23.
eureka clip V2, designed OVERALL DESIGN: EUREKA! / THE EXCLAMATION POINT. will continue to modify the clip design, for best function and production capacity. it's a spring loaded mechanical clip, like lamy. it requires precision parts, not pressed/welded parts. will need to move my factory before i can start working on it, which will take 1~2 years. v2.1 MODIFIED MORE STREAMLINED, LESS BOXY ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmas.. 2020. 4. 18.
symmetry v8.3 (for urushi) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 16.
[CLOSED] Asymmetry v8.1, urushi, 7K rose gold nib (special prototype) Special Prototype Asymmetry v8.1 original urushi color (dried 4 months) 7K rose gold nib ebonite feed all parts except converter, created by one person will be hand polished once more before shipping, to perfect finishing. includes: handmade walnut pen rest, 5 ink converters , polishing cloth, pen. fits nicely in hand ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twi.. 2020. 4. 15.
dodecagon 14K, asymmetry v8.1 14K/7K ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 14.
7K Rose Gold nib developed. A cost effective nib developed, as an upgrade to argentium nib. ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 12.
custom barrel & cap for duofold centennial (Version 2) compared to the first version... 1) double start thread 2) extended non-thread section @ barrel, to minimize interference (better writing experience) 3) internal machining much cleaner. 4) internal and external threads ground finish. 5) fits both old and new centennial external finish adequate for urushi coating ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.c.. 2020. 4. 9.
symmetry v9.0 (black), asymmetry v8.2 (red/black) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 8.
symmetry dodecagon(12 sides) - tamenuri urushi (R/B) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 8.
symmetry v8.3 (yg/b), asymmetry v8.2 (r/b) ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 4. 8.
Eureka V9.0 Symmetry i've designed and completed a new pen: Eureka Symmetry V9.0 it's a continuation from the version V8.x below is an example with #5 omas gold nibs / pre-urushi finish usually #6 nib size is used, but #5 can be used as well, by increasing the #5 size to #6 (additional work needed) 1) thickness increased from 15mm to 16mm 2) thickness increased because, cap-grip-barrel thread sharing is not used. 3).. 2020. 4. 1.