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edson & visconti nib retipping (part 2) retipping completed for: edson & visconti nib! check part1 for what it looked like before retipping work :https://eurekafp.com/257 2020. 12. 5.
edson & visconti nib retipping (part 1) i've received two exotic nibs. one is 18K edson, the other is visconti palladium 23K both nibs are in bad condition. edson barely has a tip, visconti doesn't have any. visconti palladium 23K may be a challenge, as it is very exotic material. this is before the repair state: edson: visconti aside from the exotic shape of edson, welding was straight forward. palladium 23K required much more energy.. 2020. 12. 1.
extra capacity cartridge (re-usable) re-developed i've previously developed the extra capacity cartridge. however, due to the added thickness of end sealing component, it was incompatible with some models. therefore it was stopped. this time, i've come up with a new end sealing method. the sealing component no longer interferes with outside diameter thickness. it is compatible with all my models. the main component material is acrylic. both end.. 2020. 11. 27.
MontBlanc 146 Retipping the pen owner Kang (from S.Korea), sent me this pen. as matter of fact, this is the second time i received it. first time was a year ago, and i was not confident enough to retip the nib. however, a lot has happened since then, and I have obtained higher skills regarding nib fabrication. after a year or so, i had much more proficiency in following categories: -welding -slitting -nib smoothing / p.. 2020. 11. 16.
Urushi technique V5.0 developed ! urushi technique v5.0 has been developed! currently many different colors are prepared. urushi coating will happen very soon. compared to V4.0 process... 1. durability improved by at least 10x, compared to v4.0 (special surface treatment to ebonite to faciliate absorption of the urushi / higher quality refined urushi laquer used than previous) 2. compared to v4.0, special surface treatment enhan.. 2020. 10. 19.
전자상거래 표준약관 표준약관 제10023호 (2015. 6. 26. 개정) 제1조(목적) 이 약관은 유레카(전자상거래 사업자)가 운영하는 유레카 사이버 몰(이하 “몰”이라 한다)에서 제공하는 인터넷 관련 서비스(이하 “서비스”라 한다)를 이용함에 있어 사이버 몰과 이용자의 권리․의무 및 책임사항을 규정함을 목적으로 합니다. ※「PC통신, 무선 등을 이용하는 전자상거래에 대해서도 그 성질에 반하지 않는 한 이 약관을 준용합니다.」 제2조(정의) ① “몰”이란 정다한농원가 재화 또는 용역(이하 “재화 등”이라 함)을 이용자에게 제공하기 위하여 컴퓨터 등 정보통신설비를 이용하여 재화 등을 거래할 수 있도록 설정한 가상의 영업장을 말하며, 아울러 사이버몰을 운영하는 사업자의 의미로도 사용합니다. ② “이용자”란 “몰”에 접속하여 .. 2020. 10. 19.
urushi technique V5.0 (soon to be developed) Good news everyone! Currently urushi technique V5.0 is being developed. all current reservations and future ebonites will be finished with this technique. for the current reservations coated with V4.0 urushi technique, the urushi layer will be stripped to the base material, and they will receive newer surface treatment that will pefectly absorb the urushi from V5.0 urushi technique. Advantages o.. 2020. 9. 19.
v8.3 asymmetry gold flake tamenuri v8.3 asymmetry AuAg nib (argentium + gold + copper), upgrade from argentium silver nib, will not tarnish. newest version ebonite feed gold flake tamenuri finish walnut/hardmaple urushi pen rest "baguette", 3 slotted pen rest 2020. 9. 7.
Walnut/Hardmaple urushi Cross pen rest upgraded. thanks to R&D, Mass production is soon to be started. A Major speed & quality improvement in the sanding process, as well as urushi coating process will enable much higher yield production. the price will be much lowered as well. the below photos show the urushi coating (1st layer, black urushi) more urushi will be applied the close most of the pores, followed by a final original urushi color. 2020. 8. 14.
Faceted B & C Machining Process Has been Upgraded Compared to previous process, the end portion is cleanly cut, without vibration. Also, Various angles are now possible. in addition "Screw" style can also be done, and will be created in the future. the biggest improvement is the production speed. now custom B&C for century, gathered, duofold, etc. can also be done, as well as the symmetry models. 2020. 8. 14.
Hard Maple Urushi 6 Slotted Pen Rest Design has been completed. Mass Production Sysyem is under development. 2020. 8. 14.
Omas nib + V8.3 symmetry tamenuri urushi 2020. 8. 4.
Omas nib + V8.3 symmetry tamenuri urushi, Writing test !!! ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/NinjaEngineer ◆fountainpennetwork.com/…/user/147641-the-fountainpen-resea…/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 8. 4.
Platinum-Silver Nib, First One Made, Through Research And Study. IT's been a while since, i began using platinum material to fortify the sterling/argentium nibs. it's been quite a journey, but still not finished yet. today, i created my first platinum silver nib, an improvement from argentium silver nib. it has superior scratch resistance and tarnish resistance in terms of tarnish resistance, argentium silver did better job than sterling, but still not satisf.. 2020. 8. 4.
Platinum Century (old version) Music Nib + Tamenuri Urushi B & C This is a simple video of how the tamenuri urushi looks like on the old platinum century 2020. 8. 1.
self-review: writing tests of V8.2 Asymmetry and V8.3 Symmetry 2020. 8. 1.
Self-Review: Eureka V8.3 Symmetry 2020. 8. 1.
Writing test (V8.2 Asymmetry, V8.3 Symmetry) 2020. 8. 1.
Eureka V8.3 symmetry Review 2020. 8. 1.
Dangers of working with Uncured Urushi ! Urushi is one of the strongest allergy inducing material. working with urushi always has the potential to cause this allergy. Urushi allergy will last 15~30+ days, and that's under good care. only liquid state urushi is poisonous, dried state, not so. not so sure about sanded urushi from dried state. from what i've heard, sanded urushi from dried state is almost non-poisonous, if it is very old... 2020. 7. 29.
Platinum Century (Old Version) Music nib & Tamenuri Urushi B & C 2020. 7. 29.
Gold Tamenuri urushi B&C, platinum gathered (Set) 2020. 7. 21.
istagram by: inaki.dema https://www.instagram.com/p/CBkM9WZDQch/?igshid=kratlkalrfnt Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa님: “The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I 좋아요 80개, 댓글 5개 - Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa(@inaki.dema)님: "The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I’ll…" www.instagram.com ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.. 2020. 6. 18.
New Silver Alloy Developed (AuAg) New silver alloy has been developed as an alternative to PtAg alloy. It is possible to make PtAg alloy based nib. however, through personal research it has been revealed, that the addition of platinum increases brittleness of the entire alloy. due to this nature, for every 10 nibs produced, half of them failed do to cracking, during manufacturing process. the rest lucky ones did not exhibit any .. 2020. 6. 16.
[Closed] 3 Slotted Pen Rest, On Sale! (Expoxy Ebonite Material) This is a new product from eureka fountain pen ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Product Detail: ●Name: Eureka 3 Slotted Pen Rest ●Material: Ebonite Filled High Equality Epoxy (30~40% by volume) ●This material will not scratch your typical Resin pens (this is softer material than typical pen resins) ●100% Hand Mad.. 2020. 6. 13.
Platinum Silver Alloy has been developed, for nib material Progress in nib material research! Platinum Silver alloy has been developed, as an improvement over Argentium silver. this material is superior than Argentium silver, in all aspects. theoretical advantages... 1. scratch resistance; much harder material than argentium silver 2. tarnish resistance; far beyond argentium's tarnish resistance 3. superior flexibility and memory ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: b.. 2020. 6. 10.
fudefan's Review of Dodecagon fountain pen https://www.fudefan.com/2020/06/eureka-pen/ Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri: A silver-nibbed, handmade urushi pen from South Korea Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri is a handmade ebonite pen with urushi lacquer, custom ebonite feed, and Argentium silver nib, all created by a one-man pen maker in South Korea. www.fudefan.com ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twi.. 2020. 6. 10.
[Closed] gathered + custom B&C set super mint condition platinum gathered + custom barrel and cap (24k gold tamenuri urushi) set. high quality japanese ebonite, high quality korean urushi please ask for available nib size personally checked nib split and writing test, passed. 2020. 6. 9.
[closed] gold deco urushi B&C for century and gathred this is gold deco urushi Barrel & Cap for platinum "century" and "gathered" century barrel and cap gathered barrel and cap patiently made with utmost attention and care (at least 2 months of production time) urushi grade: "S" 24K gold decoration highest quality japanese ebonite highest quality korean urushi 2020. 6. 6.
3 Slotted "French Bread" Pen Rest This is "Master Original" slots precision angle machined, for best pen rest angle. middle slot is slightly less deep than the others. ◆Eurekafp.com ◆Email: beatmaster90@naver.com ◆Instagram: MechGyver_Eureka ◆twitter.com/PenEureka ◆youtube.com/c/MechGyver ◆fountainpennetwork.com/forum/user/147641-the-fountainpen-researcher/ ◆blog.naver.com/beatmaster90 ◆facebook.com/profile.php?id=10005 2020. 6. 4.