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★ Pen Design Evolution (ALL)

Eureka V9.0 Symmetry

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 4. 1.

i've designed and completed a new pen: Eureka Symmetry V9.0

it's a continuation from the version V8.x

below is an example with #5 omas gold nibs / pre-urushi finish

usually #6 nib size is used, but #5 can be used as well, by increasing the #5 size to #6 (additional work needed)


<changes and detail>

1) thickness increased from 15mm to 16mm

2) thickness increased because, cap-grip-barrel thread sharing is not used.

3) individual threads for barrel and cap closing

4) double thread for barrel and cap 

5) external contour design optimized for premium urushi coating

6) two types of grip design: concave and standard

7) compatible parts for the grip section:

     eureka 3g v7 ebonite feed

     eureka argentium and gold nibs (#6, #7~8)

     any brand nibs with size #6

     any brand nibs with size #5 (additional metal work needed to make it into #6 compatible size)



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