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Dangers of working with Uncured Urushi !

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 7. 29.

Urushi is one of the strongest allergy inducing material.

working with urushi always has the potential to cause this allergy.

Urushi allergy will last 15~30+ days, and that's under good care.

only liquid state urushi is poisonous, dried state, not so.

not so sure about sanded urushi from dried state.

from what i've heard, sanded urushi from dried state is almost non-poisonous, if it is very old.


always wear protective equipments when working with urushi.

even vapor from the urushi can be poisonous for some individuals.

carelessness can result in severe whole-body rashes, and potentially fatal.


although, urushi is poisonous in liquid state, some people intentionally use it to cause allergy.

urushi is known to have quite beneficial efffects on one's health...

although at the cost of severe itchness.

it can't be done often though (only 1~2 per year is safe), becuase it overburdens liver.


allergy from the urushi causes severe itchiness.

the itch is bearable at first, but accumulates to such a point, it prevents you from sleeping properly.

modern medicines are available, but they are not designed specifically for urushi detoxing.

modern medicines such as, anti-histamine, steroid cream, antibiotics, Adrenocortical hormone inhibitors only deals with the allergy reaction, not the cause itself.


therefore you have to keep taking these strong medicines as long as the urushi molecule is present in the body.

urushi is very well absorbed by skin surface, and seeps its way into lymph nodes and blood,

it will stay there for unbelievably long time.


therefore, some action must be taken to deal with the allergy cause itself.

there are various methods but, accoding to my research 2 best methods are known.


1. crowfoodwood/berry

2. chest nut leaves/peels


use these natural medicinal material to brew tee, or take long-bath.


also, phytoncide bath may be potential as a detoxifier.

this is purely theoretical according to my research, so i need to personally test this.

certain amount of turpentine is present in phytoncide.

turpentine is acts as thinner for urushi, breaking it down to smaller and less viscuous material.

my hope is that long-bath with this material will absorb directly into the affected area.


these are the nature's finest materials, that can't be replicated by modern medicine.

sometimes modern medicine is good, but serious side effects are always present.

natural material, usually is free of this problem.



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