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urushi technique V5.0 (soon to be developed)

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 9. 19.

Good news everyone!

Currently urushi technique V5.0 is being developed.


all current reservations and future ebonites will be finished with this technique.

for the current reservations coated with V4.0 urushi technique, the urushi layer will be stripped to the base material, and they will receive newer surface treatment that will pefectly absorb the urushi from V5.0 urushi technique.


Advantages of V5.0 urushi technique, compared to V4.0 urushi technique... 

1. durability improved by at least 10x (much, much stronger type of urushi used than V4.0, along with special surface treatment)

2. substantial improvement of urushi adhesion to thread section and lip/edge.

3. maximum number of colors for V4.0 was three. But with V5.0, limitless number of colors can be done.

4. better color distribution than V4.0

5. better color expression than V4.0

6. the V5.0 urushi technique opens up possibility for: precision pattern printing with oyster/precious metal printing.

7. given same time for curing the urushi (for example, a month, V5.0 urushi is many times stronger than V4.0)

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