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Urushi technique V5.0 developed !

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 10. 19.

urushi technique v5.0 has been developed!

currently many different colors are prepared.

urushi coating will happen very soon.


compared to V4.0 process...

1. durability improved by at least 10x, compared to v4.0 (special surface treatment to ebonite to faciliate absorption of the urushi / higher quality refined urushi laquer used than previous)

2. compared to v4.0, special surface treatment enhances urushi absorption to thread and lip portion as well !

3. compared to v4.0 (only three colors), up to 33 colors can be possible for production (for now, 10 colors, more colors will be added later)

4. compared to v4.0, even color distribution is possible

5. compared to v4.0, new color/texture expression is possible

6. opens up possibility for: precision oyster/precious metal pattern printing

7. given same dry time, v5.0 is much more stronger than v4.0


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