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MontBlanc 146 Retipping

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 11. 16.

the pen owner Kang (from S.Korea), sent me this pen.

as matter of fact, this is the second time i received it.

first time was a year ago, and i was not confident enough to retip the nib.


however, a lot has happened since then, and I have obtained higher skills regarding nib fabrication.

after a year or so, i had much more proficiency in following categories:



-nib smoothing / polishing


therefore, i did not reject the pen this time, and agreed to tackle the retipping of different brand pen.


the biggest difficulty with retipping a nib is : every brand has different nib designs.

welding and slitting requires high precision, especially slitting, and it is very difficult to achieve high precision across all brand designs.


the nib i received had no tip on it and the owner used it with gold point, which wore down pretty fast.

this is the nib after the welding process:



after welding, ideally one must slit the point, in line with the original slit.

-ideal precision requirement error: 0.02mm

-minimum required slit thickness: 0.05~0.07mm (the thinner the better)


if above two criteria are not closely satisfied, various problems are destined to occur.


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