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urushi polishing technique, much improved

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2021. 1. 6.

compared to previous technique...

below figure is an estimation based on feel and observation.

unfortunately, i don't have the scientific/precision equipments to do that.


1) surface smoothness improved by 2~3x (observation under microscope)

 -micro bumps are no longer present

2) final polishing improved by 3~4x (observation under microscope)

 -even the most difficult area to polish, are now equally polished as other area of the pen

 -micro scratches almost non-existent, or minimal, compared to previous





asymmetry v8.1

symmetry v9.1 (prototype)

dodecagon symmetry (prototype)

century b&c mini (discontinued)

century custom (ebonite feed, modified to use platinum converter, discontinued)

*i think this is the older polishing method. noticeable difference in polish level can be seen.

i remember spending a lot of time with the older polishing method on this one, should be redone with new method.

b&c for gathered (old, discontinued)

both of them have textured surface below, that's why it isn't as smooth

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