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by Eureka_Admin



please do note the blue arrow

although it looks like scratch, the urushi surface is smooth

the straight line is in the underneath layer



■■ urushi penrest included (high quality walnut/maple) (random color sent)
*** this penrest is for long-term displaying.
never rub the urushi penrest against the pen. only lightly and gently put the pen on it.
for frequent use, use the 3 slotted penrest.

- bottom surface precision grinding & tested
(free with the pen, not sold independently)

- level of quality changes according to price of the pen purchased

■■ package example (includes following items):
- fountain pen
- urushi penrest (high quality maple or walnut wood) (random sent)
- three-slotted penrest (random sent)
- 3x ink converters (similar to lamy, but internal/external size different)
*picture shows only 3, but 5 will be shipped
- polishing cloth for nib
- 2x pen pouch (one of brown/black pouch , one of blue/red pouch sent) (random sent)

■■ Pen size comparison:



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