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Ebonite Feed 1st Gen. V1 (5-10-2018)

by Eureka_Admin

This is my first ever created ebonite feed.

The ebonite feed is naturally superior than plastic feeds, when it comes to wettability.

The ebonite is made of natural rubber and sulfer + some additional stuff.

The reason ebonite is wettable, is because of its high microscopic porosity.

At the surface of the ebonite, the sulfer eventually dissipates into the air over time.

when this sulfer is gone from the surface, it leaves micro pores and crevices.

liquid will have high attraction to this unique surface of ebonite.


compared to plastic feeds, ebonite feed will not dry as fast as plastic ones.

flow will be superior as well (depends on the set value of air - ink exchange design)


however, it is difficult to get it right.

the flow rate will be quite difficult to control and manage.

the material will bend when being machines, therefore causing challenges to machining internal structure.

most of ebonite feeds available usually omits and simplifies the internal air/ink buffer structure.

also, compared to plastic feed, production speed is abysmal at best.

that's why these days we rarely see properly made ebonite feeds.