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ebonite feed (5G) + CON-70 fitting test

by Eureka_Admin

The following have been observed during the fit test:


1) compared to 4th gen ebonite feed, which used a screw type ink converter, the con-70 increased ink capacity by 3~4 times.

2) when filling the ink, i noticed i have to dip deeper into to the ink bottle to achieve stable ink fill.

compared to 4th gen, the dip amount increased.

i think this is due to the quick suction of the ink by Con-70, as opposed to slow suction of screw type.

this is a disadvantage, but considering the increased ink capacity it's a tradeoff.

3) pen flushing speed was better than expected, although slower than 4th gen.

considering the increased ink capacity, this isn't too bad.

4) during actual writing test, i noticed the ink flow was not as juicy as i wanted.

so i am going to add more structures to increase ink flow

5) ink drying resistance, ink leak resistance, ink sputter resistance was very good.


the test has been successfully conducted.

for a few days i will be producing 200 or so of these feed for bock and platinum (only compatible to my pen).

after that i will be producing ebonite grip for urushi,

then i will start working on dodecagon cigar symmetry peek, which will use ebonite feed only.

thank you.

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