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Symmetry for Urushi developed (v10)

by Eureka_Admin


Symmetry for Urushi has been developed (v10)


these are the components:

barrel / cap / grip / ebonite feed (5th gen)

+ Con-70/40, or eyedropper


this design is suitable for coating urushi, and enables good durability of urushi

with considerable focus on durability / strength


developing this model has been one of my primary objectives, ever since i relocated the new factory

before the relocation, i specialized in making urushi pens.

however, with the relocation, all was reset.

the purpose of the relocation was to achieve even better level of pen production, in terms of both quality and quantity


ever since April 2023, i developed these models, so that one day i could start making urushi pens again:

1) ebonite/peek symmetry ---> symmetry for urushi

2) ebonite asymmetry ---> symmetry for urushi

3) dodecagon machining research ---> dodecagon symmetry tamenuri

4) cigar dodecagon machining research ---> cigar dodecagon symmetry tamenuri

5) linear diamond/ruby machinig research ---> linear/cigar diamon/ruby symmetry tamenuri

6) 5th gen ebonite feed ---> primary feed for urushi pens

7) symmetry for urushi (v10)


as you can see, all of these research was done, so that i can make higher level of urushi pens, than previous

these research was done in 7 months of time.


currently i am making urushi symmetry base parts,

urushi work will start at the end of the year, or early next year.

it takes additional 1~2 months for urushi to cure properly.


compared to last year's urushi pens,

this year's models are much more detailed and precise.

i've invested considerably to achieve this objective.

now with the world's best precision machines currently available,

i've achieved the highest level of machining precision and quality practically possible.


As far as i know, my 5th gen ebonite feed is the highest precision / most complex structured ebonite feed ever created in fountain pen history.

it is as complex as modern plastic feed, and very precise.


as i am one man producer, my design philosophy is focus on durability, rather than beauty.

if i cannot guarantee pen parts will last decades of time minimum,

i don't even want to start the production of it.


there's still much to be improved, but a lot has been developed ever since my hobby days of making pens.

i am looking at this in the longterm prospective, continuously improving bit by bit.

and trying new ideas, although limited by my main philosophy (durability over beauty).

it is my dream to produce urushi fountain pens next year.

thank you.






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