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[Closed] 3 Slotted Pen Rest, On Sale! (Expoxy Ebonite Material)

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 6. 13.

This is a new product from eureka fountain pen !



Product Detail:

●Name: Eureka 3 Slotted Pen Rest

●Material: Ebonite Filled High Equality Epoxy (30~40% by volume)

●This material will not scratch your typical Resin pens (this is softer material than typical pen resins)

●100% Hand Made

●Best angle design for pen resting

●can be used as: pen rest, paperweight, spoon/chopsticks rest

●Max. pen diameter usable = 20mm

●Bottom precision ground, surface flatness: < 0.05mm, it doesn't rock back and forth on flat surface.

●Strict quality control


minimum order: more than $10

shipping cost $25 (EMS Express; no cheaper althernative available due to the corona virus) 


Surface finish classified by "Grade" is irrelevant to function! (small pores/surface quality)


<Grade C>

1. deep red

2. deep red

3. gentle blue

<Grade B>

1. Navy Blue

2. Gentle Blue

3. Wood Brown

<Grade A>

1. Navy Blue

2. Gentle Blue

3. Gentle Blue

4. Wood Brown

5. Wood Brown

6. Navy Blue


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