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Omas nib + V8.3 symmetry tamenuri urushi, Writing test !!! 2020. 8. 4.
Platinum Century (old version) Music Nib + Tamenuri Urushi B & C This is a simple video of how the tamenuri urushi looks like on the old platinum century 2020. 8. 1.
self-review: writing tests of V8.2 Asymmetry and V8.3 Symmetry 2020. 8. 1.
Self-Review: Eureka V8.3 Symmetry 2020. 8. 1.
istagram by: inaki.dema https://www.instagram.com/p/CBkM9WZDQch/?igshid=kratlkalrfnt Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa님: “The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I 좋아요 80개, 댓글 5개 - Instagram의 Iñaki DeMa(@inaki.dema)님: "The Eureka 24k gold deco urushi is designed to hold Platinum 3776 Century nib units. This week I’ll…" www.instagram.com 2020. 6. 18.
fudefan's Review of Dodecagon fountain pen https://www.fudefan.com/2020/06/eureka-pen/ Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri: A silver-nibbed, handmade urushi pen from South Korea Eureka Dodecagon aka-tamenuri is a handmade ebonite pen with urushi lacquer, custom ebonite feed, and Argentium silver nib, all created by a one-man pen maker in South Korea. www.fudefan.com 2020. 6. 10.
Review by: dapprman https://dappr.net/2019/11/04/eureka-symmetry-and-asymmetry-pens/ Eureka Symmetry and Asymmetry Pens I was not alone in being intrigued when a new post appeared on the FPN forum from a South Korean, who while on national military service, in his spare time designed pens and the machines with which… dappr.net 2020. 5. 25.
Review by: UK Fountain Pens https://ukfountainpens.com/2019/10/27/introducing-eureka-fountain-pens-from-south-korea/ Introducing Eureka fountain pens from South Korea Eureka Pens is a one-man-band run by a guy called Dovidu from South Korea. He posted up a thread on FPN a couple of months back introducing two entirely new fountain pen designs, fabricated entirel… ukfountainpens.com 2020. 5. 25.
Review by: "Inky.Rocks" (YouTube) 2020. 5. 25.