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raden tamenuri challenge started!

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2020. 12. 15.

this is my first time dealing with raden tamenuri urushi technique.

this is deemed to be one of the most challenging urushi works.


for the shells, I decided to use smaller particles, instead of larger ones.

i believe this has many advantages over larger particles.


even the tiniest shell particles will be used, to provide "mechanical interlocking properties" for urushi.

like concrete, cement alone will not be durable.

i believe it is the same with urushi.

urushi is like cement, shell particles and pieces, like sand and gravel.


i believe much thicker layer of urushi is stably achievable with the aforesaid combination.

this will enable very durable urushi layers, also achieving beautiful look at the same time.


from now on I will pretty much completely cover up the shells with the highest quality "clear" urushi.

although it looks very dark, overtime the urushi will become very clear.

therefore i think the underlying shells will be presented in "3D" like look.


i will keep studying and overcome the difficulties of this process, to make it one of my main techniques from now on.


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