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(4G V1) "149" sized nib , (4G V1) ebonite feed developed

by Admin_ Eureka_Admin 2021. 3. 29.

As there is no longer restriction of size, thanks to the adoption of auag material, a bigger "149" sized auag nib has been developed (4th generation version 1 nib)

this development was much postponed due to difficulty in developing a completely different nib.

external size of the nib is 26~27mm, weight: 0.9g

overall nib thickness increased by 66%

thanks to this major update, infinite selection of nib engravings is possible.


also, ebonite feed 4G V1 has been developed as well.

previous version(~3G V7) compensated the dimensional difference of nib and feeder by internal grip design.

this fundamentally had design disadvantages when it comes to perfectly sealing the grip front hole.

4G V1 solved this problem by directly precision machining the ebonite feed itself.

nib root shape is machined to the feeder directly, therefore alteration of the internal portion of the grip section is no longer needed,

with this upgrade, urushi integration is much facilitated, along with much improved frontal grip hole sealing.