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Perfect balance achieved (nib point smoothing)

by Admin_ Eureka_Admin 2021. 4. 8.

It's been almost 3 years, since i started the fountain pen research.

there were mountains of obstacles that prevented me from creating the perfect pen.

one of the most difficult has been, achieving the perfect nib point smoothing(polishing).


there were numerous attempts and methods that i used to gradually improve the writing feel.

until this day, all methods didn't achieve the perfect writing feel / balance.

however, today i finally found a way to achieve the perfect balance between ink starting(inking) vs arc grinding(rounding)

too much rounding will get rid of scratchy feel, but users will experience horrible skipping / bad starting.

too litting rounding will guarantee instantaneous inking, but horrible scratching.


the key is to grind just the right amount with the perfect angle.

today i succeed realizing the perfectly balanced ground nib.

the promising aspect is, it is possible for me to repeat the grinding without failure, and repeatable results.


the funny thing is, even with less rounding, it feels better than a skippy nib.

this is because, it inks so well on paper without any pressure.

it literally glides on the paper, i guess this type of smoothness is the so-called "butter nib".


even if a bit of sound can be heard when writing, there will be zero scratchy feel.

the gliding nib on paper feels just fantastic.

as matter of fact, i must confess this is the first time ever, of all the pens i created, that achieved this level of perfect balance.


from now on, all eureka nibs will be ground this way, to ensure all users will enjoy the smooth writing feel.

thank you.