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[SOLD] E-Pen, Eureka Symmetry Fountain Pen (S/N : 04112021A)

by Eureka_Admin


● E-Pen (Eureka Symmetry Fountain Pen (F nib, approximately 0.4~0.5mm)

● This fountain pen is hand made by eureka founder (The Fountainpen Researcher, "the FPR")

● Ebonite Barrel, Cap, Grip, Feed

● Self-Developed Eureka Nib (Argentium Silver & Gold Alloy nib)

● nib length (outside): 25mm

● Texture Chaos Urushi Technique  (high durability)

* It is impossible for us to replicate the same design, ever again.

● 3x ink converters, silver polishing cloth, velvet pen pouch included

● origin of materials: ebonite(Japan), urushi(Japan)

● urushi dry time: 1 month+

● As time passes, the urushi colors will become more vivid

(It takes 6~12 months for urushi to achieve maximum hardness. Do not expose the urushi to strong shock / abrasion prior to the maximum hardness. Urushi cannot be scratched by fingernail when dried for 2 weeks ~ 1 month.










From Left: Pelikan M400, Parker Duofold Centennial, MontBlanc 146, Eureka E-Pen,

Pilot 743, Platinum Gathered, Aurora 88