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reduced type Chaos urushi developed

by Admin_ Eureka_Admin 2021. 5. 14.

so far, chaos urushi technique showed interesting result.

the patterns and colors were nothing i've ever seen before.

also, the durability of the urushi far surpassed solid color / tamenuri urushi.

this durability factor has been proven dozens of times, when i did sanding work on them.


although some users enjoy its super uniqueness, others suggested it was a bit overwhelming for their taste.

therefore, i developed a new reduced complexity type chaos urushi.

the photos below show them.

the urushi color is a bit dark, as more time is required for urushi to show its true color.

currently i am developing a brightened version of this urushi type.


two types of reduced chaos urushi can be done: dark, bright...

in all colors & different kinds of patterns