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[SOLD] Eureka Symmetry Fountain Pen (Prototype, S/N : 6-9-21-P)

by Eureka_Admin


● Eureka Symmetry Fountain Pen (semi-flex MF nib, approximately 0.5~0.6mm)

● This fountain pen is hand made by "the Fountainpen Researcher"

● Ebonite Barrel, Cap, Grip, and Feed

● Self-Developed Eureka Nib / Ebonite Feed

   (Argentium Silver & Gold Alloy nib; High corrosion resistance)

● nib length (outside): 23.5mm ● nib weight: 1g

● pen weight: 28~29g ●pen length: 150~155mm (capped), 145mm (uncapped)

● 3x ink converters, polishing cloth, velvet pen pouch, urushi wood penrest, 3 slotted penrest included

● origin of materials: ebonite(Japan), urushi(Japan)

● urushi dry time: 1+ months

● As time passes, the urushi colors will become more vivid

(It takes 6~12 months for urushi to achieve maximum hardness. Do not expose the urushi to strong shock / abrasion prior to the maximum hardness. Urushi cannot be scratched by fingernail when dried for 1 week ~ 1 month.



●shipping cost:

$10(sea shipping, 1~2 months): contact me for availability of shipping for your country.

$25 (EMS Express, 1~2 weeks)

    -EMS Express Shipping is available for following countries only:



for countries other than the above, only EMS Premium(3 days ~ 1 week) is possible: $40




if interested, contact me: beatmaster90@naver.com​

please send me the serial number, to make identification easier.

item S/N(serial number) : (S/N : 6-9-21-P)

prototype means, this pen is different from standard.

in terms of experimental urushi technique, nib size, feed type, etc.

function is pretty much similar as standard, just more unique, due to some variation.

this prototype style pen is produced just once.


*urushi cross penrest included

*3 slotted penrest included


I tried to capture as much detail as possible in the photo.

Please check its pattern 

Please check the nib photo, to see if it's satisfactory for you.

* It is impossible for us to replicate the same design, ever again.


*for higher quality viewing, Please view the photos on PC.



Eureka Ebonite feed, Precisely Cut from a solid ebonite rod.

3 slotted penrest included (random color sent)

urushi penrest included (random sent)

pen size comparison:

From Left: Pelikan M400, Parker Duofold Centennial, MontBlanc 146, Eureka E-Pen, Pilot 743, Platinum Gathered, Aurora 88