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[SOLD] #3776 Century Custom (Symmetry) (S/N : 8-23-21A)

by Eureka_Admin


● #3776 Century Custom (Eureka Symmetry) (F nib)

● This fountain pen is hand made by "the Fountainpen Researcher"

    (All parts handmade by one person, except the nib & ink converter)

 Ebonite grip, barrel, cap, and feed:

thick unibody structure, designed to be crackproof for decades.

designed to achieve maximum durabiliy, while suppressing clunkiness.

● platinum 14K gold nib 

● nib length (outside): 24 mm ● nib weight: 0.65~0.7g

● pen weight: 27~28g ●pen length: 150~155mm (capped), 145mm (uncapped)

● 3x ink converters, polishing cloth, velvet pen pouch, urushi wood penrest, 3 slotted penrest included

● origin of materials: ebonite(Japan), urushi(Japan)

● urushi dry time: 1+ months

● As time passes, the urushi colors will become more vivid

(It takes 6~12 months for urushi to achieve maximum hardness. Do not expose the urushi to strong shock / abrasion prior to the maximum hardness. Urushi cannot be scratched by fingernail when dried for 1 week ~ 1 month.


●shipping cost:

$25 (EMS Express, 1~2 weeks)

    -EMS Express Shipping is available for following countries only:



for countries other than the above, only EMS Premium(3 days ~ 1 week) is possible: $40




<Urushi Technique Difficulty Rank>
★☆☆☆☆: Easy
★★☆☆☆: Standard
★★★☆☆: Intermediate
★★★★☆: Expert
★★★★★: Master

<Urushi Overall Quality Rank>
★☆☆☆☆: Acceptable
★★☆☆☆: Fair
★★★☆☆: Good
★★★★☆: Excellent
★★★★★: Perfect

Urushi Technique Difficulty: ★★★

Urushi Overall Quality: ★★★



payment method:

Send "USD to USD" with WISE ("multi-currency" account)

Cheap Fee, about (1~1.5% + $3.2) , I pay around $5+ fee, on my side

*make your account here: https://wise.com/gb/multi-currency-account/


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*for your loss, free gifts are included: urushi penrest & 3 slotted penrest


if interested, contact me: beatmaster90@naver.com​

please send the following:

1) S/N(serial number) : @ the title of this post

2) your country




I tried to capture as much detail as possible in the photo.

Please check its pattern 

Please check the nib photo, to see if it's satisfactory for you.

* It is impossible for me to replicate the same design, ever again.

*for higher quality viewing, Please view the photos on PC.





Eureka Ebonite feed, Precisely Cut from a solid ebonite rod.

maximum strength design to prevent breakage.

*specially modified for platinum gold nib

3 slotted penrest included (random color sent)

(free with the pen, not sold independently)


urushi penrest included (walnut/maple) (random color sent)

(free with the pen, not sold independently)


package example (includes following items):

● fountain pen

● urushi penrest (high quality maple or walnut wood) (random sent)

● three-slotted penrest (random sent)

● 3x ink converters (similar to lamy, but internal/external size different)

● polishing cloth for nib

● 2x pen pouch (one of brown/black pouch , one of blue/red pouch sent) (random sent)





pen size comparison:

From Left: Pelikan M400, Parker Duofold Centennial, MontBlanc 146, Eureka E-Pen, Pilot 743, Platinum Gathered, Aurora 88