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eureka chinkin v2 (test results)

by Eureka_Admin

hello guys :)


today i finished one of the designs with eureka chinkin v2 technique.

still a long way to go, and much failures.

however, improvements are gradually taking place.


this time i made a cap with yellow tamenuri, with blossom grooves (filled with silver urushi)

unlike the usual chinkin, the grooves are almost completely filled, so the surface is flat.

a lot of filling is required, so pure gold will be too expensive to do.

however, i am still keeping gold in my option, as filler material.

may have to lower the karat to 14~18K


currently, i am developing eureka chinkin V3.

unlike the predecessor, i will finally be able to make absolute precision lines.

i will be able to express lines that can be as fine as a human hair.

much research is needed to absolutely ensure, i can achieve this difficult feat.

i am now gathering equipments and materials, as well as developing my own modified equipments.

i am expecting this research to end by this month, however, unexpected obstacles are always there, so can be delay a bit more.