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[SOLD] #3776 Century Custom "Silver Gradation Triangle"

by Eureka_Admin


● Basic details

▶ #3776 Century Custom (Eureka Symmetry) (uef nib)

     ; actual ink line width measured: 0.2mm

     ; the uef nib is much smoother than original, because i did additional point smoothing grind.

     ; also, the uef nib is more juicy than original, because i increased tine width, ever so slightly.

 This fountain pen is hand made by "the Fountainpen Researcher"

    (All parts handmade by one person, except the nib & ink converter)

 Ebonite grip, barrel, cap, and feed:

thick unibody structure, designed to be crackproof for decades.

designed to achieve maximum durabiliy, while suppressing clunkiness.

 platinum 14K gold nib 

 nib length (outside): 24 mm , nib weight: 0.65~0.7g

pen weight: 27~28g ,pen length: 150~155mm (capped), 145mm (uncapped)

 5x ink converters, polishing cloth, velvet pen pouch, urushi wood penrest, 3 slotted penrest included

 origin of materials: ebonite(Japan), urushi(Japan), silver(S.Korea)

 urushi dry time: 1+ months

 As time passes, the urushi colors will become more vivid

(It takes 6~12 months for urushi to achieve maximum hardness. Do not expose the urushi to strong shock / abrasion prior to the maximum hardness. Urushi cannot be scratched by fingernail when dried for 1 week ~ 1 month.


● additional details

 I do additional work on the nib with my own technique:

nib point grinding (to make it write smoother), nib surface polishing, nib ink flow adjustment, nib tine adjustment

 the ebonite feed has greater ink flow than the original plastic feed,

also more resistant to drying when the cap is open.

 cap: internal teflon grip protector, which prevents micro scratches that occur @ frontal grip section, when opening and closing the cap, over the years.

 ink reservoir: converter (replaceable), eyedropper (silicone sealing required)

 the engravings are done after the urushi layers are accumulated.

the engraving depth is very deep, which reaches all the way down to the surface of the ebonite.

after that, silver urushi (silver 99.9%) is used to fill the engravings all the way to the top.

after proper drying time, surface grinding + micro grinding + polishing is done.


●shipping cost:

$25 (EMS Express, 1~2 weeks)

    -EMS Express Shipping is available for following countries only:



for countries other than the above, only EMS Premium(3 days ~ 1 week) is possible: $33~$40+ (cost varies on destination location)




 urushi technique used: super urushi tamenuri ("pattern tamenuri") + precision silver urushi inlay

<Urushi Technique Difficulty Rank>
★☆☆☆☆: Easy
★★☆☆☆: Standard
★★★☆☆: Intermediate
★★★★☆: Expert
★★★★★: Master

<Urushi Overall Quality Rank>
★☆☆☆☆: Acceptable
★★☆☆☆: Fair
★★★☆☆: Good
★★★★☆: Excellent
★★★★★: Perfect

Urushi Technique Difficulty: ★★★★+

Urushi Overall Quality: ★★★




● payment method:

Send "USD to USD" with WISE ("multi-currency" account)

Cheap Fee, about (1~1.5% + $3.2) , I pay around $5+ fee, on my side

*make your account here: https://wise.com/gb/multi-currency-account/


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*for your loss and as a gift,

the following is included (free): urushi penrest & 3 slotted penrest


if interested, contact me: beatmaster90@naver.com​

please send the following:

1) Pen "Theme" name

2) your country


"Silver Gradation Triangle"





● I tried to capture as much detail as possible in the photo.

Please check its pattern 

* It is impossible for me to replicate the same design, ever again.

* for higher quality viewing, Please view the photos on PC.

* it is impossible to capture all the details with a camera (actual viewing is always much better than the camera photo)



● Eureka silver urushi inlay technique:

after proper thickness of urushi layer is applied, a precision engraving is done.

the engraving depth reaches all the way to the ebonite surface.

after engraving, silver urushi (silver 99.9%) is filled in, sufficiently above the engravings.

when the silver urushi is properly cured, a precision grinding is done to reveal the engravings.

afterwards, additional urushi layers are apllied or polishing procedure is done.


the eureka silver urushi inlay technique is different from chinkin in following aspects:

-the engraving is deeper than chinkin

-the surface finish of the silver urushi inlay is smooth. chinkin surface finish has grooves that can be felt.

-urushi filling procedure and grinding/polishing process is more complicated than chinkin.

-thickness of the urushi filling is thicker than chinkin

-better durability. chinkin engraving's edge(weak point) can fracture upon shock (see picture below)


picture below shows the difference between:

eureka silver urushi inlay, makie, chinkin


● Eureka Ebonite feed, Precisely Cut from a solid ebonite rod.

-good ink flow

-excellent overflow control & overall stability

-excellent fitting with the nib, using heat setting process

-maximum strength design to prevent breakage

*specially modified for platinum gold nib


● 3 slotted penrest included (epoxy + ebonite particles / organic particles) (random color sent)

bottom surface precision grinding & tested

(free with the pen, not sold independently)


● urushi penrest included (high quality walnut/maple) (random color sent)

bottom surface precision grinding & tested

(free with the pen, not sold independently)


● package example (includes following items):

- fountain pen

- urushi penrest (high quality maple or walnut wood) (random sent)

- three-slotted penrest (random sent)

- 5x ink converters (similar to lamy, but internal/external size different)

- polishing cloth for nib

- 2x pen pouch (one of brown/black pouch , one of blue/red pouch sent) (random sent)





● pen size comparison:

From Left: Pelikan M400, Parker Duofold Centennial, MontBlanc 146, Eureka E-Pen, Pilot 743, Platinum Gathered, Aurora 88