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How to remove / install the nib

by Eureka_Admin

removing and installing the nib is at your own risk!

I am not responsible for the consequences of your mistakes

please be careful


★removing the nib.

1. grip the nib with thumb and index finger(nib surface facing the ceiling)

wiggle the nib left and right, at the same time pull on the nib.

keep repeating until be is pulled out. then remove the feed.


2. if the nib cannot be removed with above method, use this method.

find a wooden rod with diameter 5~6.5mm. cut the wooden rod to adequate length for tapping.

if the end surface is not flat, sand it flat with a sand paper.

unscrew the grip section from barrel.

while holding the grip section in left hand, place the wooden rod into the hole and tap it with a wooden stick or adequate small hammer-like object. 

if the nib and feed is partially removed and cannot be removed with the 5~6.5mm dowel, get a wooden tooth pick.

break the sharp end of the tooth pick, and use a sand paper to make the end flat (make the end as wide as possible). repeat the earlier process again, until the nib and feed is completely removed.


★installing the nib

put together the nib and feed.

find adequate place, so the nib and feed is set together without gaps.

the nib and feed was heat setted when first assembled, so you can find the right place by sliding the nib, until a good place is found. you have to look and feel for it.

while holding the the and feed with your index and thumb, look straight at the nib from the top, and adjust the nib left or right for equal balance compared to the feed.


when both adjustment are good for your preference, push in the nib firmly, all the way.

Push in as stright as possible. Do not apply force in diagonal or lateral direction, as this may result in nib/feed breaking or damage.