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nib surface treatment study

by Eureka_Admin

This is my recent nib surface treatment study

I recently acquired plain Bock nibs from Germany.

which, to my surprise when magnified, the polishing didn't satisfy me.

so i started a little study.


in the future i am going to do following research:

1) nib engraving on plain bock/jowo nib

2) solid 14~18K gold sheet (in certain shape) micro welding to stainless nib

3) gold (various types), rhodium coating research (#3 may not be necessary but it is one of my interests)


these nibs are the ones used for this study

from top left:

1) original two tone bock nib

2) original plain bock nib

3) blasted plain bock nib

4) blasted two tone bock nib

5) micro blasted two tone bock nib


original two tone nib

you can see the scratches from mass-polishing process


original plain nib

you can see the scratches from mass-polishing process

it is especially distinguished because it is plain (which kind of annoys me), thus the reason for the surface treatment


blasted plain nib

looking very good, very even surface treatment


bock two tone blasted

same result very good


micro blasting to keep the gold plating

i could do better if i practice, but seems ok.

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