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[SOLD] Ebonite Feed / Asymmetry Diamond Cap : Yellow Green

by Eureka_Admin

◆ contact:  beatmaster90@naver.com
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2. include your name

(may not respond fast, depending on order status, etc. but will respond eventually. processing request mails by chronological order.)
◆payment methods (contact me via email):
1. Paypal: $110 + $10 (shipping)
    - Fastest Processing Speed

 2. WISE: $100 + $10 (shipping)
   - Similar or a bit slower processing speed
   - Cheaper due to lower fees from WISE

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small packets air shipping: 2~4 weeks
◆Stock: 1 (below pen in the photo will be sent)
--- nib: Bock Plain (in-house Blasted surface finish + nib smoothing / tuning)
     size: M (same thickness as mechnical pencil 0.7mm)
--- feed: eureka 5th gen ebonite feeder
    ("The most precise and complex structured ebonite feed ever created)

    details regarding feeder: https://eurekafp.com/588, https://eurekafp.com/590
--- converter (not included, please purchase from your local supplier)
     compatible models: Pilot Con-40 / Con-70, or eyedropper(don't recommend as carry around pen)
--- grip section: 24 facets precision machined
--- cap: dodecagon diamond precision machined


◆How to Receive Notification For Newly Made Pens: https://eurekafp.com/notice/432

◆ (TIPs) Easy Roll Stoppers Four Your Eureka Pens: https://eurekafp.tistory.com/560


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