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● Pen Maintenance, etc.

How to take care of the Urushi products

by Eureka_Admin

◆ urushi maintenance ◆

Although Urushi doesn't need maintenance due to its superb durability, following maintenance will make a difference in the long run.


 It takes 6 months to reach near full hardeness, so avoid dropping, sudden shocks, etc.


 Do not expose the urushi to direct sunlight for prolonged period of time.

This will cause the surface of urushi to deteriorate eventually. 

*sunlight 50cm~1m away from window is generally safe to urushi,

because the window glass will reduce much of UV (I still recommend avoiding indirect sunlight)

 the thicker (greater number) the window glass is, lesser UV passed.



To bring out more shine and protect the surface, use (automotive) carnauba wax.

rub the wax with your clean index finger (circular motion), wait 10 minutes, then gently wipe with clean cotton cloth / tissue.

regular wax coating is strongly recommended for longevity (coating interval is up for you to decide, depends on how much you use the pen). 


 This is not recommended for inexperienced:

If you want to repolish, rub the urushi with "swirl removing compound" + 100% clean cotton cloth.

Must wear Latex gloves, to prevent possible urushi allergy, even if unlikely to happen.

the compound must be finer than #3000 compound.

Make sure cotton is free of dirt, otherwise scratches can occur.

if you are okay with less strict quality, #3000 compound should be acceptable.

*Must polish as little as possible, because polishing will make urushi thinner and thinner.