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parker duofold international retipping (part 1)

by 사용자 Eureka_Admin 2021. 1. 30.

this is part 1 of the parker duofold international retipping.

a new phenomenon was observed, which wasn't previously noticed!


this is right before welding the nib, after a bit of grinding work to remove the iridium.

left tine was thicker than the right, probably due to welding/slitting error from manufacturer.


from this photo, the right tight has a bit more gold material, as a result of grinding work.

it is such a small amount, but surprisingly it affected the result of the welding process.

this is after welding the nib.

you can see, the extra tiny bit of gold on the right tine altered the shape of the weld.

what a surprising find!

from now on i will never forget to make both sides absolutely equal before welding!

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