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black widow tamenuri urushi developed

by Eureka_Admin 2021. 7. 27.

hello guys, this is the fountainpen researcher.

today i completed a unique type of urushi that i recently tried.

i call it black widow tamenuri urushi technique


the pattern beneath the clear top urushi layer reminds me of a continual pattern of black widow spider' pattern.

on top of the pattern, a clear top urushi has been applied.


this is one of the most difficult urushi teniques i use.

it is especially difficult, because a total of 24 facets have to be very carefully grounded & polished, which is quite insanely difficult.

it is also time consuming, taking 4~5x the time required to make a normal symmetry fountain pen.


next time i will post tsugaru tamenuri urushi.

still working on it...