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Reply Function Fixed. Reply Function has been fixed. now everyone can leave replies. sincere apology for all the inconvenience 2021. 2. 21.
eureka's ultimate urushi techinique ("chaos") developed eureka's ultimate urushi techinique ("chaos") has just been developed. while realizing chaos technique, a near perfect finishing is achieved as well. infinite pattern and color scheme will unfold, from now on. 2021. 2. 19.
new types of urushi technique under development aside from traditional solid color tamenuri methods, new technique are under development the new techniques shows the limitless possibilities of the urushi laquer. the true beauty of urushi laquer is about to unfold. 2021. 2. 18.
[CLOSED] B&C for century, gathered, centennial (duofold ) 1: centennial 2: centennial 4: centennial 7: centennial 3: gathred 5: gathred 11: gathred 6: century mini 9: century mini 8: century 10: century dried for 2 months (after the final urushi layer) high quality japanese ebonite, urushi used nib will not dry out, when closed for a long time, thanks to perfectly sealed barrel & cap $99 each. please check all photos for pattern, finishing, etc. you ca.. 2021. 2. 8.
Omas custom fountainpen (#5 nib, for urushi) this omas custom uses #5 nib, which is quite small. 3mm shorter feed is used for this particular size. pen finish is rough, because it is for urushi coat. also installed recently developed teflon grip protector inside the cap 2021. 2. 3.
teflon grip protector, research finished when opening and closing the pen, the grip frontal area and inner cap area inevitably cause friction. this is especially noticeable for vintage grip style designs. below is 1st gen eureka grip design, which is loved by many. however, as users continue to use it frequently, severe scratching is inevitable. this is aurora 88. grip design : vintage style much scratching and dulling is observed, @ f.. 2021. 2. 3.
parker duofold international retipping (part 2) this post is part 2 of "parker duofold international retipping" after welding, i proceeded with the slitting. this is even more difficult than welding. from the previous post, one can see the extra gold weld material @ the right tine has been equally removed. this was quite difficult process. also, from the below photo, it can be seen that the frontal part of the nib has been repolished, while n.. 2021. 2. 2.
parker duofold international retipping (part 1) this is part 1 of the parker duofold international retipping. a new phenomenon was observed, which wasn't previously noticed! this is right before welding the nib, after a bit of grinding work to remove the iridium. left tine was thicker than the right, probably due to welding/slitting error from manufacturer. from this photo, the right tight has a bit more gold material, as a result of grinding.. 2021. 1. 30.
8 urushi colors developed orange yellow mint green mandarin white (bright beige) magenta red light green 2021. 1. 8.
urushi polishing technique, much improved compared to previous technique... below figure is an estimation based on feel and observation. unfortunately, i don't have the scientific/precision equipments to do that. 1) surface smoothness improved by 2~3x (observation under microscope) -micro bumps are no longer present 2) final polishing improved by 3~4x (observation under microscope) -even the most difficult area to polish, are now equall.. 2021. 1. 6.
eureka cartridge v2.2 eureka cartridge v2.2 - sealant type changed to clear (acrylic friendly) - cleaner thread cut - thread cutting fluid type changed (acrylic friendly) 2021. 1. 1.
dodecagon symmetry v1.1 (for urushi) nib size comparison pilot 743, eureka Au-Ag, aurora 88 2020. 12. 25.
nib overall shape improved through personal research #1 --> not enough bending amount, thought to be an effect of "spring-back" phenomenon. #2 --> V-bending phenomenon @ skyblue dot, thought to be inevitable. so far, #1, 2 was wrongly thought to be a consequential result of bending a springy sheet material. increasing press pressure by 10x improved overall shape. especially, improving #1 was vital, because when the nib is slitted, a deformation oc.. 2020. 12. 23.
eureka cartridge v2.1 due to a mistake in designing, the recently posted cartridge was only compatible with older version models. i was notified of this problem from a user, and the cartridge was redesigned immediately. the machined part has been extended by 6mm. now it fits all models. ink flow is about 30~40% higher than using converter, when ink is full. as the ink amount decreases, the ink flow will become simila.. 2020. 12. 21.
glossy finish done for both urushi & nib (from previous post) not being satisfied with the finish, i applied the final polishing for urushi. (same pen from previous post) also the high glossy finish of urushi caused mismatch between urushi and nib. therefore, i also gloss polished the nib. now, it's complete.... harmony 2020. 12. 20.
raden tamenuri challenge started! this is my first time dealing with raden tamenuri urushi technique. this is deemed to be one of the most challenging urushi works. for the shells, I decided to use smaller particles, instead of larger ones. i believe this has many advantages over larger particles. even the tiniest shell particles will be used, to provide "mechanical interlocking properties" for urushi. like concrete, cement alon.. 2020. 12. 15.
raden urushi (na-jeon) technique research raden urushi will be done within this week, research is current ongoing, to achieve a mass produceable, consistent & durable, raden urushi technique. test will be done within this week, and if things go well, its process will be applied to all currently made pieces. that includes custom b&c, as well as fountain pens. various colors of sea shells will be applied something like this, below is just.. 2020. 12. 14.
dodecagon symmetry v1.1 upgraded from v1.0: 1) design easier to urushi coat 2) end portions rounded to facilitate production 3) cleaner angle cut 4) grip shared with symmetry v9.2 5) grip front part more rounded (*vintage/aurora style grip design is prone to scratches when opening and closing cap, a unfavorable design for urushi coating) (below grip is designed to reduce scratching when opening and closing cap) 6) grip.. 2020. 12. 10.
i turned edson into a two-tone pen (after retipping the nib) the nib is originally plated in rhodium, a brilliant white platinum metal. it had many scratches on it, along with some minor micro scratches from retipping work. it seems that edson rhodium plating is easily damaged than expected, although other brands might be similar. so it made sense to actually polish the entire nib. hence, a two tone edson is born! original nib after retipping: internal me.. 2020. 12. 6.
edson & visconti nib retipping (part 2) retipping completed for: edson & visconti nib! check part1 for what it looked like before retipping work :https://eurekafp.com/257 2020. 12. 5.
edson & visconti nib retipping (part 1) i've received two exotic nibs. one is 18K edson, the other is visconti palladium 23K both nibs are in bad condition. edson barely has a tip, visconti doesn't have any. visconti palladium 23K may be a challenge, as it is very exotic material. this is before the repair state: edson: visconti aside from the exotic shape of edson, welding was straight forward. palladium 23K required much more energy.. 2020. 12. 1.
eureka cartridge v2.0 i've previously developed the extra capacity cartridge. however, due to the added thickness of end sealing component, it was incompatible with some models. therefore it was stopped. this time, i've come up with a new end sealing method. the sealing component no longer interferes with outside diameter thickness. it is compatible with all my models. the main component material is acrylic. both end.. 2020. 11. 27.
MontBlanc 146 Retipping the pen owner Kang (from S.Korea), sent me this pen. as matter of fact, this is the second time i received it. first time was a year ago, and i was not confident enough to retip the nib. however, a lot has happened since then, and I have obtained higher skills regarding nib fabrication. after a year or so, i had much more proficiency in following categories: -welding -slitting -nib smoothing / p.. 2020. 11. 16.
Urushi technique V5.0 developed ! urushi technique v5.0 has been developed! currently many different colors are prepared. urushi coating will happen very soon. compared to V4.0 process... 1. durability improved by at least 10x, compared to v4.0 (special surface treatment to ebonite to faciliate absorption of the urushi / higher quality refined urushi laquer used than previous) 2. compared to v4.0, special surface treatment enhan.. 2020. 10. 19.
urushi technique V5.0 (soon to be developed) Good news everyone! Currently urushi technique V5.0 is being developed. all current reservations and future ebonites will be finished with this technique. for the current reservations coated with V4.0 urushi technique, the urushi layer will be stripped to the base material, and they will receive newer surface treatment that will pefectly absorb the urushi from V5.0 urushi technique. Advantages o.. 2020. 9. 19.
v8.3 asymmetry gold flake tamenuri v8.3 asymmetry AuAg nib (argentium + gold + copper), upgrade from argentium silver nib, will not tarnish. newest version ebonite feed gold flake tamenuri finish walnut/hardmaple urushi pen rest "baguette", 3 slotted pen rest 2020. 9. 7.
Walnut/Hardmaple urushi Cross pen rest upgraded. thanks to R&D, Mass production is soon to be started. A Major speed & quality improvement in the sanding process, as well as urushi coating process will enable much higher yield production. the price will be much lowered as well. the below photos show the urushi coating (1st layer, black urushi) more urushi will be applied the close most of the pores, followed by a final original urushi color. 2020. 8. 14.
Faceted B & C Machining Process Has been Upgraded Compared to previous process, the end portion is cleanly cut, without vibration. Also, Various angles are now possible. in addition "Screw" style can also be done, and will be created in the future. the biggest improvement is the production speed. now custom B&C for century, gathered, duofold, etc. can also be done, as well as the symmetry models. 2020. 8. 14.
Hard Maple Urushi 6 Slotted Pen Rest Design has been completed. Mass Production Sysyem is under development. 2020. 8. 14.
Omas nib + V8.3 symmetry tamenuri urushi 2020. 8. 4.