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Prototype Nib #4 (2/2/2019) Modifications to the previous version 1) overall length 1mm increased 2) From side view, nib has curved contour as opposed to linear one. 3) Tip changed to accept 0.8mm point 4) minute design changes. 2019. 10. 5.
Prototype Nib #3 (1/13/2019) Overall design is similar to Prototype #2. Some shaping features has been changed. Compare to 146 nib... (montblanc) 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 2nd Gen. design (1/8/2019) The air channel has been moved to bottom, like that of the old version platinum gathered ebonite feed. these days, literally nobody makes feeds like this. the air channel is usually on the top side of the ebonite feed. 2019. 10. 5.
Prototype Nib #2 (12/23/2018) Material : Argentium silver 925 compared to previous version, more stable fabrication possible. Previous prototype had uniform nib thickness, front to end. Now, One end is thin, and the other thick. tipping and slitting process is being researched currently. also, new feed prototype is currently under development. 2019. 10. 5.
Prototype nib #1 (14K Gold) (7/1/2018) Nib material 14K gold Point material: Tungsten Carbide 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 1st Gen. V1 (5-10-2018) This is my first ever created ebonite feed. The ebonite feed is naturally superior than plastic feeds, when it comes to wettability. The ebonite is made of natural rubber and sulfer + some additional stuff. The reason ebonite is wettable, is because of its high microscopic porosity. At the surface of the ebonite, the sulfer eventually dissipates into the air over time. when this sulfer is gone f.. 2019. 10. 5.
Prototype Nib #1 (5/10/2018) This is one of my initial prototype nibs. previously, i tried with Titanium, stainless steel materials. The silver nib offers a bit of softness. the point of this nib is tungsten carbide. it will probably last 5~10x more than iridium points. however, it does tarnish a bit to black color. also, the writing feel may be inferior to iridium points. it is extremely hard material. 2019. 10. 5.
[CLOSED] These are my initial urushi coating prototype.It's not 100% perfect, therefore price is set accordingly.However, that doesn't mean it is low quality product.It is still great value for the money.also, i will update the pics soon (the pictures below are somewhat vague) If you are interested or have questions, contact me → beatmater90@naver.com #1 ~ 4▶Made from High Quality Japanese Ebonite▶Black(.. 2019. 10. 4.
About me & my Contact Info. Dear Visitors, Greetings, visitors of my homepage. You are warmly welcomed here. I am known as "The Fountainpen Researcher" in South Korea. I started using Fountainpens in middle school, merely by chance. I started grinding nibs in college years. during military service, i designed fountainpens, and machines required to make them. after military service, i started making machines required for fo.. 2019. 10. 4.