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V7.5 Symmetrym R/B, G/B (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, B, B, R/B, G/B (July, 2018) picture not available
V7.5 Symmetry, R, B, G/B, Blue/B (July, 2018) pic not available
V7.5 Symmetry, Be/B, B, B (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, R (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, Beige, Beige (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, Y/B, G/B, G/R (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, Be/B (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, G/B (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, R/B, Be/B (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, R/Y (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, beige (July, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry, Br/B, Be/B, Y/B (May, 2018)
V7.5 Symmetry (June, 2018)
V7 symmetry , G/R (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry, Y/R, O/B (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry Y/B (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry, R/Y (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry Y/G, R/B (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry, G/B (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry T/B (may, 2018)
V7 symmetry Br/B, Be/B, Be/B (may, 2018)
Barrel and Cap for Duofold Centennial (9) - URUSHI
Barrel, Cap, Grip, Feed for Sheaffer Life Time Nib Parts received In bad shape feed and grip unusable, nib oxidized, nib needs repolishing, also nib shoulders need regrind and polish rudimentary feed design. no buffers and labyrinth air/ink channels. will spurt ink upon impact. used my eureka ebonite feed 3rd. Gen V5
Barrel, Cap, Grip, Feed for Omas Nibs (URUSHI READY) + Extras Used Nib Only Barrel, cap, grip, feed made from ebonite adequate finish for urushi application (good bonding) I didn't do the urushi EUREKA V8.2 Asymmetry + 14K Gold Nib + URUSHI (I didn't do the urushi)
Barrel and Cap for Korean Version Pilot Fountain Pen
Barrel and Cap for Platinum Century #3776 (6) - New version 1) changes to external design 2) 3 start thread 3) some chages to internal design
Barrel, Cap, Grip for Graf von Faber-Castell Parts and FPR Nib Nib: FPR flex Cap: faber castell (different model from the barrel below) Barrel: wooden barrel (Faber castell) initial failures...
Barrel and Cap for Duofold Prestige - URUSHI READY I didn't do the URUSHI
Barrel, Cap, Grip, Feed for Platinum Century #3776 (5) Used only nib barrel, cap, grip, feed made of ebonite