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(3G V1) Prototype Nib #9 (9/1/2019) Material: 14K Gold Basically same as #8, minus the material Mass production, not possible at the moment. hopely, I might be able to achieve some degree of production. in terms of writing function, the gold one is a bit stiffer than the argentium counterpart. also, more tarnish resistant. otherwise, similar in terms of function. Tested with V8.1 Asymmetrical (Urushi) Because this is a test, used .. 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 3rd. Gen V4.0, V5.0 Upgrade list 1) Differentiated comb thickness at front section (front side thicker then rear ones) 2) 5 turns of air/ink path (Most ebonite feeds 1 turn), stability increased. 3) micro slitting across the front part added, to inprove function and stability 4) tail thickness significantly increased to improve durability 5) feed overall thickness increased *below is the lastest version: 3G V5.0, n.. 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 3rd Gen. V2.0 (3/13/2019) modification to the previous version... 1) internal comb is thicker than external, therfore preventing brekage 0.6mm -> 1.2mm tested 10 times in and out. no breaking. 2) Slit thickness reduced in order to increase ink holding capacity. comb number increased to 30. 3) frontal combs added to further increase ink holding capacity. 4) front part sharper angle 2019. 10. 5.
Analyzing Problem with 3rd Gen. Enonite feed (3/12/2019) 1) some fins break, when insertion and removal is repeated. this is a mojor problem, becuase some advanced users will inevitably remove the nib and feed. the underchannel + under fin structure design weakens certain portion of the feed significantly. even though the combs are 0.6mm thick to compensate for loss of structural integrity of the design, it simply isn't going to work. 2) the "tail" po.. 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 2nd Gen. design (1/8/2019) The air channel has been moved to bottom, like that of the old version platinum gathered ebonite feed. these days, literally nobody makes feeds like this. the air channel is usually on the top side of the ebonite feed. 2019. 10. 5.
Ebonite Feed 1st Gen. V1 (5-10-2018) This is my first ever created ebonite feed. The ebonite feed is naturally superior than plastic feeds, when it comes to wettability. The ebonite is made of natural rubber and sulfer + some additional stuff. The reason ebonite is wettable, is because of its high microscopic porosity. At the surface of the ebonite, the sulfer eventually dissipates into the air over time. when this sulfer is gone f.. 2019. 10. 5.
[CLOSED] These are my initial urushi coating prototype.It's not 100% perfect, therefore price is set accordingly.However, that doesn't mean it is low quality product.It is still great value for the money.also, i will update the pics soon (the pictures below are somewhat vague) If you are interested or have questions, contact me → beatmater90@naver.com #1 ~ 4▶Made from High Quality Japanese Ebonite▶Black(.. 2019. 10. 4.
About me & my Contact Info. Dear Visitors, Greetings, visitors of my website. You are warmly welcomed here. I am known as "The Fountainpen Researcher" in South Korea. I started using Fountainpens in middle school, by chance. I started grinding nibs in college years, and thought of making my own fountain pen. during military service, i designed fountainpens, and machines required to make them. after military service, i star.. 2019. 10. 4.